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In August 1984, the Lord burdened the heart of Pastor Yan T. Wee, who was then the Interim Pastor of the Singapore Bible Baptist Church (SBBC), to plant another gospel work in the western part of Singapore. In January 1985, through a formal business meeting, Singapore Bible Baptist Church released the ten charter members to form the Shalom Baptist Church.

On 16th February 1985, attended by the various Independent Baptist pastors in Singapore, the inauguration and organization of Shalom Baptist Church took place. Since then, we have moved to several places before settling down presently in the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).

Through God’s providence, preservation and prevailing grace, our church has multiplied and grown, both numerically and spiritually. Besides sending out 5 missionaries and church workers out from Shalom to the Pacific Rim, we had the privilege to start another Baptist church in Feb 2000 – the Shaddai Baptist Church in the Eastern part of the Island.

Shalom Baptist Church is an independent, conservative, local New Testament Church. We believe that Baptist churches have their roots tracing back to the time of Christ – through the lineage of the Ana-Baptists - the Montanists, Novatians, Waldenses, Albigenses, Paulicians, etc. Baptists are neither Catholics nor Protestants, but have existed since the time of Christ. Throughout church history, the Baptists, as a movement, have stood for the purity of the doctrines and practices of the church.

We welcome the giving of those who have been blessed by our ministry

and those who feel led by the Lord to support us in our work for Him. 

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