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The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide is carefully crafted to provide sharp, succinct, scriptural answers to give to “… every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you…” (1 Pet 3:15). It is to aid the soul-winner in understanding why he believes in what he believes with regard to the vast complexities of issues confronting him today so that he can, in turn, confidently lead another soul to the Lord.


“It is a really great reference tool and every Christian should have a copy.”

(Dr. Phil Stringer, former Executive Vice-President, Landmark Baptist College, Haines City, Florida, USA)

“Ambassador Baptist College recommends Pastor Yan T. Wee’s handbook for soul-winning in the Personal Evangelism Class. This excellent manual is an example of the thorough study and diligent effort placed into his work.”

(Dr. Ron Comfort, founding President of Ambassador Baptist College, Lattimore, North Carolina, USA)

“I give out hundreds of these to shelters and everyone I meet.”

(Philip D., Chick Publications’ customer)

“A required reading in our Personal Evangelism Class.”

(Dr. Michael Brown, former Professor of Personal Evangelism Course, Heartland Bible Baptist College, OK, USA)

“The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide by Pastor Yan T Wee of the Shalom Baptist Church in Singapore, is a book that would help any Christian become a better soulwinner and is especially helpful in training new soulwinners. The book is outlined in a way that makes it easy to use in teaching or preaching. Written by an independent Baptist pastor, the book is being used by some Bible colleges in the U.S. We are using it here in our personal evangelism classes. Recently a number of Pastors and Bible college students here in the Philippines were able to receive copies of The Soul-Winner’s Handy Guide. Some of these Christian workers began to share what a blessing this book was and how it helps them in leading people to the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot remember a book that a group of workers were more excited about than this one.”

(Dr. Rick Martin, Missionary to Iloilo, Philippines, featured in Ministry127, a resource for Spiritual Leaders!

This website is hosted by Pastor Paul Chappell, West Coast Baptist Church)

“I brought one of these little guides years ago. This is exactly what it says it is: The Soul-Winner's Handy Guide. Recently, I brought a few more to give away to some ladies at my Bible Study, and those who took one really think it is beneficial. Filled with step-by- step ideas that build on each other, this little guide is helpful to teach anyone who wants to follow Jesus' objective for His followers to be "fishers of men"… There are stories and poems that bring home the point. Also included are apologetics concerning truths in the Bible. At 176 pages, it is a little book that packs a punch! Hopefully God will use many of these wonderful ideas to glorify His Son Jesus Christ and bring unbelievers to a knowledge of Him.”

(Judith, Chick Publications’ customer)

“This book is packed full of everything you need to witness to those seeking spiritual answers. It also answers tough questions that critics and Christians alike may have. It has the salvation message in both pictures and Bible verses. It has proofs that the Bible is both scientifically and prophetically accurate. I have bought over a dozen of these to share. My husband and I also each have our own copy. It's a great resource!”
(Pam, Chick Publications’ customer)


Have we ever wondered why life is so full of unwelcome, endless troubles and miseries? Is it just a matter of pure misfortune or is there a bigger picture, a higher purpose, and a deeper insight to our peculiar sufferings?


In Silence, I Cry, gleaned from the many agonizing years of bittersweet experiences in the furnace of affliction, will unveil the mystery of our earthly suffering in a refreshing, new way. This book is designed to be a succinct, in-depth, systematic study on the dynamics of suffering. Suffering will cease to be suffering if we can see it the way God sees it - to be able to see the bigger picture and comprehend the higher purpose to our seemingly, unending troubles. To this end is this book prayerfully written, written for those who are searching for the answer to the big question mark of our life: “WHY AM I SUFFERING?”



“As I read through the various chapters, I became aware that you were writing with the voice of experience. I could almost feel the pathos with which you were writing. There is a message in this book for both the young and the old. A message that extends to the weak and to the strong. We live in a day of pain and disappointment and I feel certain that God has used you to give us help in such a time as this in the twilight hours before His Second Coming.”

(Dr. Michael Marsh, veteran missionary to Australia)



“Darwinists hope to bury God in an avalanche of a causeless universe and a godless evolution. But instead of liberating us, they plunge us into a cosmic depression. We are reduced to: From Nothing, By Nothing, For Nothing – an accidental leftover from the Big Bang, evolved by a lucky chance, and are here for no ultimate purpose. We are just walking molecules, birthed through a cosmic accident, dancing to the music of our DNA, and destined to disappear in a cosmic blink - nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. And when we look to science and evolution for answers, all we get is a blank look. Life has no real purpose dude – it is about the survival of the genes in us – feeding, fending, fleeting and fathering – just live through it and get it over. Our final destination is the hole in the ground. But is it true? Perhaps we are: From Someone, By Someone, For Someone. Perhaps there is an unexplored and awesome universe beyond the Darwinian world of survival for nothing.

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