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The videos featured on our website are very helpful and provide multiple insights into the many complex issues we face today. While we tend to be in agreement with the main message in these videos, we do not necessarily subscribe to everything the speakers hold to or mention such as the use of  Bible versions other than the KJV, their Reformed Theology, Speaking in Tongues, or their loose association with liberals and liberalism. We trust that these materials will be a blessing to you. Members of the church are encouraged to check with the leadership of the church when you are in doubt.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture - Pastor Wee

The 7 Year Tribulation Part 1 - Bro Christian

The 7 Year Tribulation Part 2 - Bro Christian

The Antichrist - Pastor Wee

Israel, Oh Israel - Pastor Wee

Why There Must be a Pre-Tribulation Rapture of The Church

Maranatha - J. Dwight Pentecost

Is the Lord Coming Soon? - John F Walvoord

Is The Rapture Next? - Roy B. Zuck

Countdown To Eternity -

Bible Prophecy Documentary

Does the Rapture take place before the Tribulation?

7 Reasons to trust the Pre-trib Rapture

Green and Black Minimalist Sales Marketi

Biblical Evidence for a 7 Year Tribulation


The Imminent Pre-Tribulation Coming

Of Christ

We welcome the giving of those who have been blessed by our ministry

and those who feel led by the Lord to support us in our work for Him. 

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