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Adulthood brings with it huge responsibilities. Often having to deal with two different generations, the one that came before and the one that comes after it. In attempting to take care of all around them, it is easy for adults to forget that their souls too require the nourishment of God's Word. 

In Shalom, we aim to serve our adults by edifying them with God's Word and by equipping them with vital truths from the scriptures that will enable them to carry out their responsibilities in a biblically victorious manner. From specialised programmes for ladies and men, to gatherings that bring all together, our adults are a warm bunch of individuals that love and cherish fellowship.

On top of programmes for the adults, we have programmes to cater to our seniors. Like most developed countries, Singapore is becoming a super-aged nation; by 2030 one in four SIngaporeans will be older than sixty-five. This change in demographic is noticeable in churches as well. 

We currently have over twenty members aged sixty and above that take part in the programmes we plan for our seniors. These programmes are conducted fortnightly and provide an opportunity for them to fellowship with those who are going through a similar phase in life. From nature walks to lunch fellowships and board games, we engage our seniors with low risk and less intensive activities.



Ladies' Fellowship

Men's Fellowship

Seniors Fellowship








Wednesday Mornings

Person in Charge (Men): Pastor Christian

Person in Charge (Women): Sis Kabetha Ratnam

Person in Charge (Seniors): Bro. Chris Cheong

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